Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adding Multiple Mail Accounts in Microsoft Mail for Windows 8


The mail application in the release preview versions of Windows did not support adding mail accounts for IMAP/POP accounts. In the Windows 8 RTM release, the Mail App supports adding e-mail accounts for Hotmail, Live, MSN, Exchange, Office365, and, Google/Gmail, Yahoo, and a custom account type that allows IMAP/POP accounts to be added. To add an account, access the settings by pointing your mouse or tapping the top right or bottom right corners of the App

Note that you have to be in the Mail app to see the right settings. Then click Accounts

From here, you can select the right type of account to add

If you are adding an IMAP/POP account to Windows Mail in Windows 8, you can either enter your e-mail/password and have the app try to find the right settings, or you can view more details and specify server names/ports and SSL/TLS settings.

That's all there is to it.

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