Thursday, August 26, 2010

Skydrive: Uploading Files For Community Support

If you receive a comment such as "please post this file to SkyDrive" in the forums for a community member to look at a dump file or a large log file, then you can easily post it to Microsoft Live SkyDrive. The key thing is to ensure that the file that you are posting is publicly accessible. At the time of this writing, everyone gets 25 GB of free storage.

To Upload a Publicly Accessible File to SkyDrive

  • Log in to SkyDrive or create an account.
  • Generally there are two folders by default "My Documents" and "Public." Uploading a file and posting a link from the "Public" folder is usually sufficient.
  • Click the Public Folder and click "Add files." From here it is easy to select files from your computer. Note that if you run into a size limit, the files may need to be split to upload.
  • After uploading the files, it is a good idea to post a link to the files, this can be accomplished by selecting Share -> Embed and copying the resulting link back to a post or email.
  • Note that if you are not using the default public folder or need to allow access to a different folder that you have created, then you may need to enable access for everyone. Select Share -> Edit permissions (note that I created a new Test directory to demonstrate the sharing process). Note that it appears that the permissions can only be modified on top level folders. I tried creating a Test folder under My Documents and the sharing permissions could not be modified, but creating a new top level folder allowed the permissions to be set properly.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the process of uploading a publicly accessible file to SKYDRIVE.I needed it.But I was not knowing that there is a limit on this.Is it true If yes why its not clearly mentioned?
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  2. It's definitely true. last time I tested it the limit is 50 MB.